Chartered Institute of Loan And Risk Management Invests Fellowship on NHIS Boss

National Health Insurance Scheme
       *News Release*
*Chartered Institute of Loan And Risk Management Invests Fellowship on NHIS Boss*
In recognition of his pivotal achievements since taking office, the Chartered Institute of Loan And Risk Management of Nigeria (CILRM) has confered honorary fellowship and patron on the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Mohammed Sambo, in Abuja.
Speaking during the brief ceremony, the president and chairman of the governing council of the institute, Dr Mrs Harriet Akubuiro said that the organization was drawn to the exceptional leadership qualities of the health insurance boss, adding that the manner in which he has steered the Scheme back to the path of pursuing its mandate of attaining universal health coverage  (UHC) in Nigeria is worthy of commendation.
Highlighting the milestones of his 21 months in office, she noted that under Sambo’s watch, the Scheme was undergoing lasting reforms and was being re-positioned for effective service delivery.
She further stated that the implementation of the e-NHIS project and the introduction of the flagship service platform, the Group, Individual, and Family Health Insurance Programme (GIFSHIP) are strategic initiatives that provide clear evidence of his determination to leave enduring legacies behind.
In his response, Prof Sambo said that he had previously received several requests from various organizations to be so honoured but had had to decline following their inability to pass the credibility test he conducted on them, adding however that a similar scan carried out on the CILRM when he was approached showed that it was an organization that has earned its reputation deservedly.
Reflecting on the name of the institute, Sambo noted that beyond financial, risks abound every where including healthcare delivery and leadership.
Speaking of risks in leadership he said, *”Often leadership comes with unintended risks, and any leader who ignores the risks component of leadership has no business taking up the position in the first place”*
Explaining further, Sambo said that some decisions such as the de-listing of some HMOs for failing to meet set criteria and deployment of staff were not without pockets of resistance, adding that in decision-making process he always ensures that  consensus is built amongst members of management.
*”I don’t lead like a one-man gang or mafia, that is not leadership, instead I ensure that i carry the entire management along in every major policy decisions which means they also deserve the honour being given to me today”*, Sambo said.
Sambo, a professor of health policy and financing with over 70 published articles to his name, joins other eminent Nigerians such as the governors of Sokoto and Bauch states Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal and Bala Mohammed respectively and many others who have been confered with similar honour by the institute.
Emmanuel Ononokpono
Head, media and PR