Introduction to TISHIP

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) is a social security system where by the health care of students in tertiary institutions is paid for from funds pooled through the contributions of students with a view to create conducive learning environment. TISHIP is designed to provide easy access to health care for all tertiary institution students, the purpose is to cater for health care needs of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions who due to their studentship cannot benefit under other Health Insurance Programme.

Over the years, the Authority realized that it can only achieve universal coverage when tertiary institutions are enrolled in the Authority. The programme was developed and tagged Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) to provide health insurance to students in tertiary institutions. The pilot implementation of TISHIP commenced 2009.


  1. Objectives


  • To ensure that every student in tertiary institutions has access to good health services
  • To protect students and families from the financial hardships of huge medical bills
  • To maintain high standard of health care delivery services within tertiary institutions
  • To ensure availability of funds to the tertiary institution health centres for improved services






TISHIP covers the contributing student and baby delivered by a married female student who is entitled to care for 12 weeks post-natal for a maximun of two (2) livebirths.

Types of institution covered under the TISHIP programme


  • Universities
  • Schools of Health Technology & Other Specialized institutions
  • Polytechnics
  • Colleges of Education
  • All Colleges of Agriculture
  • Monotechnics
  • Schools of Nursing and Midwifery



  1. Operational Strategies


The strategy is to operate TISHIP as a sickness fund for the students in tertiary institutions with a committee responsible for its administration.

TISHIP will operate with maximum pooling, strategic purchasing by the committee and HMOs at the core of its operation, with high level monitoring to ensure transparency, accountability and value addition in the whole process.


  1. Activities of Educational Institute Division
  • Assessment and data gathering of Tertiary Institutions on TISHIP activities
  • Sensitization of TISHIP implementing institution on operational modalities to ensure compliance with TISHIP operational Guidelines in tertiary institution in Nigeria.
  • Advocacy visit to the management of tertiary institutions Nationwide.
  • profiling of TISHIP implementing institutions in Nigeria
  • Sensitization visit to tertiary institution not implementing TISHIP to bring them onboard the programme
  • And any other responsibilities as assigned by the authority.