Vital Contributors Social Health Insurance Programme (VCSHIP) is health insurance that is taken up and paid for at the discretion of willing individuals or at the discretion of employers on behalf of employee in organization with less than ten staff. It is a programme designed for those who are not currently covered by any of the NHIS programmes and for those who may not have been satisfied with the existing health care services.

This programme shall provide full or partial coverage for services that are excluded or not fully covered by statutory health system.  Premiums in Social Health Insurance are not risk related and access to health care by voluntary contributors is always dependent on proof of contribution.

Family members of persons voluntarily insured in Nigeria social health insurance scheme are not covered as co-insured. The Enabling law establishing the Scheme and the Operational Guidelines of NHIS refers to these group of people as:

  •  Large number of financially viable Nigerian businessmen and women with staff strength of   less than ten but could not be categorized under OPS programme and not yet covered.
  • An active self employed individual not covered and categorized under CBSHIP but willing to participate in the programme.
  • Retirees who wish to continue under NHIS Formal Sector Programme
  • Political office holders
  • Foreigners living in Nigeria (legal residents),etc


Membership shall be voluntary and shall cover interested individuals, families, employers of establishments with less than ten staff, and actively self employed persons, political office holders at three tiers of governments and retirees not currently covered by any of the NHIS prepaid programmes.  Others are foreigners to Nigeria or persons with temporary residency status and Nigerians in Diaspora.

Note: all extra dependants registered under formal sector programme should be transferred and folded into VCSHIP.


The programme shall be financed from contributions made by interested individuals. The contribution rate actuarially determined to be N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) only per person, payable once annually or instalmentally at least one month in advance and subject to review when necessary.

Scope of Coverage

All the participants that have paid their premium and logged into the programme shall benefit.